Sinn 156 Chronograph

SINN 156

The first models of the Sinn 156 appeared around 1982 with the Lemania 5012 caliber. Allegedly, it was intended to be a new pilot's model for the Bundeswehr (German Federal Defense Force). However, the Bundeswehr opted for the Tutima Military Chronograph in stainless steel, reference 798.

The later models of the Sinn 156 feature the Lemania 5100 caliber. Similar to the Sinn 155, the 156 also has a screw-down case secured with 4 set screws.

However, the case was adapted to the Lemania 5100 movement. The Sinn 155 had a manual-winding Valjoux 230 movement and had a flatter case back. Additionally, the pushers of the Sinn 155 are asymmetrically arranged toward the crown, a design feature dictated by the movement's construction.

The model is also referred to as the "Military-Chronograph" and visually represents the classic pilot's chronograph. The case features an unusual construction and is designed as a screw-down case.

In this design, the movement, along with the dial, is placed in a "pot" where the crown and pushers are integrated. A acrylic glass is placed over it, and the upper part of the case with the bezel is then inverted onto it. The top and bottom are then connected from below using four screws.

SINN 156



  • Automatic Movement - Chronograph

  • 60s,12h

  • 24-Hour Display

  • Clutch Winding

  • Small Second at 9 o'clock

  • Center Stop Second

  • Center Minute Counter

  • 17 Jewels

  • 28.800 (A/H)